Dienstag, November 14, 2006

hi brothers & sisters!

I am back. I finally decided to continue with this blog. I am thinking about a premium membership on rapidshare.com, which will provide the links for you as long as I have this premium account.

I hope you noticed that I replaced the shoutbox, which was'nt very helpful anyway, by a real chatroom. I will be there for you and in case you have any questions do not hestitate to ask me about what you want to know.

As for the brother who requested "Alice Through The Looking Glass": I have the ultra-rare LP but I am missing one track...

I am going to bad now, see you in a few hours all! :-)

thats good for you return

wow! happy to see you back.
oh yes i hope you re fine! have a good night
Good to have you back.
Welcome back friend. We miss you so much.
Hi Timo

Great to see that you're back again!

I'm looking for David Blue, "Me, S. David Cohen" and for Jack Tempchin, "Jack Tempchin"

Can you help me?

Welcome back. Can't wait to see (and hear)your new posts.
I have a copy of Alice Through The Looking Glass. Would you like me to up load it.
good to have you back!
Oh my friend that is very good you are back..
I discovered some albums i didnt know from you months ago..
Wait for your next posts actually!!
Keep up the good work!
welcome for cumback...... I'm korean. your blog's fan :)
Gald to see you're back, but about that rapidshare account: They say they won't delete stuff as long as you have the account, but that is not true. If someone complains about the file, it's gone!
Welcome back! Can't wait to see what you've got in store for us. Hopefully morepeople notice that you're back. See you soon?
Great news! Glad to have you back! Thanks
Please don't re-post more stuff from ChrisGoes, 8 days In April etc, etc...
Post new albums and rare too, because more than 400 blogs only re-post records from the other blogs like you also on the past.
+Blog Ripper+
Hey, ho, let's go! Come on Latimo, share another delicatessen with all us. Cheers!
camon timo
Let's go Timo
Let's go Timo
soundz good
A great request for a great blog" DAMIN EIH,ALK &BROTHER CLARK (re-post?). Many thanks-NATURE BOY
Dear Timos,

I am from Athens Greece.
Keep up the Good Job.
where are you?
hi timo how are you?
i am glad you are back again!
I'm Kortny,
from Taiwan,
and I'm 18 y.o

Hi, Everyone
I've studied English sinse this Autumn .
It's very difficult for Me! Really hard!
I would like like to meet peple and practisice My English with them.

Glad to see you're back :)
i'm looking forward to your posts but please not on megaupload,thanks
Still waiting patiently. Hope you haven't changed your mind, you are indeed missed

Hi , I've started a new blog with some krautrock. Your blog is added to my favourite blogs. Please look at my blog. It's called krautuniverse - http://krautuniverse.blogspot.com/ Thanks! Krautlover
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