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Venezuela 1968. Band members were 17 to 18 years old at the time of the recording. Guitarist Alvaro Falcón came from a band called The Snobs and previously a band from Washington D.C. The Laymen, Richard Aumaitre came from a famous Venezuelan band Los Darts and Jesus Toro from The Nasty Pillows, a local soul and Hendrix oriented band. What an amazing record this is. On same label as Ladies WC.
This masterpiece is full of fuzzguitar, acid leads and pumping sounds. Covers only this time but played so wild that you will like it better than the original composition. This album is as good as Ladies WC. Really amazing Psychdelic artwork, too.


Alvaro Falcón: Guitar, Piano, Organ, Harmonica, Background Vocals
Jesus "Torito" Toro: Drums and Lead Vaocals
Richard Aumaitre: Bass and Background Vocals
Recorded in Estudios Continente, Caracas, Venezuela April 1968.

track list:
1. Gonna Ride
2. High Way Child
3. When A Man Loves A Woman
4. Kansas City
5. If You Need Me
6. Toad
7. Stone Free
8. Crossroads
9. Whiter Shade
10. 51st Anniversary
11. I'm Sorry
12. Sweet Soul Music

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This gem was recorded in Connecticut in 1972 and is one of the rarest US psych LPs. The voice is just as psychy as every psychhead would expect it. Wailing fuzz guitars and a psychy atmosphere throughout the album make this gem be legendary.
The songs are well-crafted and still nice to be listened at after several times. There has been a reissue on cd with 6 bonus tracks which are not on the LP but which are included here. Personally, I did like very much track 5 (the beginning couldnt be better!)

1. The Sea 4:27
2. Fall in Love 2:35
3. A Stranger's Smile 2:21
4. Weather Girl 4:11
5. This Thing 5:18
6. Forge Your Own Chains 4:43
7. I'm Leaving You 4:04
8. The Truth 3:39
9. The Bible 4:47
10. Falling Asleep 5:01

Bonus Tracks:
11. Hello 2:41
12. This Moment 5:26
13. Free 3:18
14. Winter 4:29
15. A Tormented Heart 6:01
16. Kamala 5:54

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