Freitag, August 04, 2006

Zakarrias - 1971 - Zakarrias (UK Dream Psych/Folk/Heavy Progressive Rock)
To me this is a wonderful album by this enigmatic and sensitive singer Zakarrias. The album has been released in 1971 and reissued as cd recently. The band can be compared with early Led Zeppelin imo. I can just recommend it to you, it's excellent! My fave tracks are "Sunny Side" (fantastic guitar work here!) and "Never Reachin" which is quite dreamy and folky(i love these soft background psych elements) (begin exactly within one minute :-) )

@256 kb/s, 9 tracks, 75 mb, enjoy :-))

download link

Wow! Thanks for this great album & Dark's Teenage Angst. Do you have Dark's new album Anonymous Days (on Kissing Speel label)? Could you please share it?

good stuff man!!!!can i ask you to put my blog on your link list?

I have put yet Your blog on my "great blog links"!!bye from italy!
Great stuff!
I`m convinced someone has covered the unknown years or it`s been used for something.Anyone?
This sounds excellent- thank-you for introducing me to something new! I will definitely come back and visit your blog...
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