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The Collectors - 1968 - The Collectors (Canadian Heavy Psychedelia)
Originally formed in 1964 as the Classics (adopting the name CFUN Classics when they gigged to promote local Vancouver, BC radio station CFUN-AM), the group were featured as the house band on Let's Go, a weekly TV show. In 1965, they released two singles as the Canadian Classics -- "Til I Met You" (Jaguar 2002A) and "I Don't Know" (Valiant 723). The band reinvented themselves as the Collectors in 1966. With former horn player Howie Vickers handling lead vocals, they cut "Eyes" and "Don't Feel Bad" -- both of which later appeared on the History of Vancouver Rock and Roll, Volume 4 (VRCA 004; 1991.) "Eyes" -- a fine folk tune seasoned with tasty guitar and just a dash of psychedelia -- is easily the better track. "Don't Feel Bad" has a vague "On Broadway" feel. More elaborately produced, it also seems a less genuine effort. By 1967, in addition to lead singer Howie Vickers, the Collectors included Claire Lawrence (tenor sax, organ, recorder, flute), Bill Henderson (lead guitar), Glenn Miller (bass) and Ross Turney (drums) -- the band's "classic" line-up. Recordings from this period include the Vancouver smash hit "Lookin' at a Baby" (New Syndrome 16, 1967, subsequently reissued on the History of Vancouver Rock, Volume 3 VRCA 001, 1983) and two other 45s, "Fisherwoman" and "Fat Bird." "Lookin' at a Baby" is MOR flute-pop floating amidst heady clouds of psychedelia. Vickers' departure from the Collectors in 1969 necessitated Henderson's promotion to lead vocalist. Eventually, the band rechristened themselves Chilliwack.

@192kbit/s, 6 tracks, 53 mb, Enjoy :-)

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Thenks so much for the Canadian music from The Collectors. Hard to find much on blogs dealing with music of this era. As a Canadian, I really appreciate this item. And your blog in general!!
Thanks a lot for this requested one!
A really nice album, better than I thought (and better as Wild Grass and Strawberries - in my opinion).

Any Chances for the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Vol. 2?
Would be great. I Think that was their most psychedelic work.

Thanks anyway,
a link for The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Volume Two

timo, thanks for all the great posts. i just started a new blog you might like
if so, please add me to your links
Thanks a lot anonymous for the WCPAEB.

thanks for the link mikejoint! :-)
mike-floyd: i remember you asked me to look for this progressive jazz band you don't know the name of...i didn't forget about it, it's just that i'm still searching...;-) you made me curious. Do you the names of the other bands you heard on your friend's tape?
Maybe there's a connection or a sampler/compilation...does this band sound like an American band or rather British?

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