Dienstag, Juli 04, 2006

White Noise - 1969 - An Electrical Storm
Mindblowing album, one of my fave obscure albums! David Vorhaus produced one of the most influential albums for modern times. This is nothing for people with bad nerves...one of the most amazing synth were used here as well as freaky tunes and whispering or sobbing vocals along with merry-go-round sounds or liquid winds ("The Visitations"). Utterly amazing! You can easily imagine things when listening to this album. This is an extraordinary mix of weird reverbarating vocals, flowing or mindblowing effects as well as trippy synth handlings. Highly recommended!!!

Reviewed by myself, psych lovers will definitely enjoy this!

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The record is actually called AN ELECTRIC STORM.This record is simply amazing.About 10 years ago I bought a cassette copy of this album.I didn´t know the band,maybe the title was inviting and it was really cheap.Couldn´t believe my ears when I listened to it!I started looking for information about White Noise.An album this stunning and hardly any info on the band could be found at the library.But nowadays I know a little more,which is nice.
You have so many albums I didn't know where to start so I tried a few and now I'm going down the page. lol

just me
Abgefahrene Scheibe, hab ich mal für 8 Euro auf dem Flohmarkt mitgenommen
maaaan ill tell you folks something.listening to this on mushrooms is a whole new world.so beautiful and alive.thanks for this post.AMAZING!!!!!
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