Mittwoch, Juli 05, 2006

Parameter - 1971 - Galactic Ramble
Two weeks ago somebody requested this. This is underground acid folk released by the Kissing Spell Label. Mostly acoustic is played here and i would compare it to some Roky Erickson solo stuff. The vocals are somewhat too normal; and yet a few songs do sound great imo ("19. Galactic Ramble"), albeit not overwhelming or outstanding. I think this is going to appeal to folk lovers rather than psych heads. To me it does partly sound like some velvet underground beat which is probably because all songs are played in a sort of jam style. It's a nice find, check it out brothers and sisters!

Reviewed by myself, 19 tracks, approx.100mb, 256 kbit/s
download link

Oh, awesome! This was my request-- thank you so much!! I'm very excited to hear this one-- been looking for it for a long time. You're the best- thanks again.
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