Mittwoch, Juli 05, 2006

The Moths - 1969 - Heron's Daughter
What you can see here is the reissue of the Kissing Spell Label. The original cover was in plain white! 10 wonderfully crafted folk songs are tracked on this album. The mood is desperate and dark, if you know Changes which I'm gonna post soon you might know what i mean. Personally i do like this gem a lot. Very appropiate for pensive or sad moments. Get it! It's definitely worth a spin! Should i mention that some blues has been put into this mainly folky album... ;)

reviewed by myself, 10 tracks, 50mb, 192 kbit/s
download link

Hope you enjoy!

Thank you Timo. Wonderful stuff and good backstory to the band as well. Regards.

I'm on a roll with all the albums I am getting from you!

just me
thx, very nice album. and great blog in general, i will add you to my links.
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