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Mellow Candle - 1972 - Swaddling Songs
The band's history dates back to 1963 when the students Clodagh Simonds and Alison O'Donnell founded the group The Gatecrashers at their school in Dublin. Later they changed the name to Mellow Candle. The band recorded two singles, the former called "Feeling High" and the latter "Tea With The Sun". However, those two didn't catch on. In 1970 Alison O'Donnell got to know David Williams, a South African guitarist, who would later become her husband and who had been studying in Ireland when both got to know each other. He joined the group. Some time later bass player Pat Morris followed. In 1971 the band had diverse gigs in clubs and on festivals. A talent scout of Decca discovered Mellow Candle and invited them to a demo in London. The demo was successful and in April 1971 they signed a record contract. Even before the recordings for their first - and only one which would become clear later - started, it came to two changes on the line-up of the group. Pat Morris was replaced by Frank Boylan and William Murray, hailing from from Glasgow, joined as their drummer and was also a new member. Even though there had been good reviews neither single "Silver Song/Dan The Wing" nor their album "Swaddling Songs" didn't meet with success, seen from a commercial point of view. A few gigs followed but in 1973 Mellow Candle already disbanded. Their LP and both singles belong to the most sought after rarities of the FOLK ROCK genre today. However, there have been several reissues on CD or LP. The couple Alison and David Williams later emigrated to South Africa later. In 1978 they released the LP "Whistling Jigs To The Moon" under the name "Flibbertigibbet".

Translated by myself from German into English (slightly abridged, source: Wikipedia), 192 to 256 kbit/s, 12 tracks, lyrics included!, group photos and cover included, Irish Folk with Rock elements, 60 mb

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Great lp, shame the link is dead
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