Dienstag, Juli 25, 2006

hi friends,

i decided to create a new blog where german bands (not only krautrock bands) will be posted. So i moved all German albums i posted here to my new blog >>> krautrockgermanrock.blogspot.com
That doesn't mean that i'm not continuing with this blog. However, no German bands will appear here anymore.
Furthermore, i would like to thank you for your nice and very kind :) comments. Was really glad to read em. I am also very grateful for your support, as goes for Pat or my friend Jero but also for the rest of you.
Concluding i want to give you the address of a new brother, check out their blog (two bloggers) as soon as possible. They're not sure about a name of their blog but posted some very interesting music already. Here's the address: ourpsychblog.blogspot.com

Have a nice day and see you soon :-)


great idea timo i m a fan of german bands ! there s sure a lot of great bands. have a nice day my friend
Very nice music. It's a pity the sound quality is so poor. Did you rip it off vinyl?
Keep up the good work though. You got a great blog!

M. Cody
no, i don't rip it off vinyl but off cds...i don't understand why the sound quality is poor, actually when im listening to my rips i cant hear anything poor...is this problem due to rapidshare downloads? I don't get it, i'm sorry! Just give me a list of all those allegedly poor quality albums and i will fix this problem by uploading em again, ok?

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