Dienstag, Juli 04, 2006

The Free Design - 1967 - Kites Are Fun(256 kbit/s, 13 tracks, 72mb)
To me this is a perfect mix of dreamy bubblepop and eastern-influenced music("when love is young" , "Stay another season"). I think you could well compare them with the Beatles. Well, that might be a bit too far fetched but Free Design's style really does resemble them albeit female vocals are used on Kites Are Fun. The tunes are very melodic and dreamy. This is a love trip throughout; the female vocals would fit perfectly folk imo. I'm pretty sure this album will appeal to Aerovons lovers...
Here's a nice link and here is your

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Reviewed by myself, hope you enjoy!

Groovy! Thanks for this gem!
graete music Thans
i like this music!thanks a lot.pat
great record. don't forget the teenage nihilism of some of the songs.
Wow! What a find! This is why I love the world of music blogs. Can you imagine any other media source highlighting this sort of music? Thank you so much for shining a light on this delicious gem of an album.
Exactly what Chris said! Unfortunately for me I am old a slow so I just discovered the world of music blogs.

I can't believe my good luck! What a great site this is!

just me
This is a truly excellent offering you've goven us! Thank you very much!!!!
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