Montag, Juli 24, 2006

Dark - 1969-71 - Teenage Angst
The first tracks on this album were recorded by Dark in 71, just before their legendary LP as the band entered its peak period. Tracks 6-11 were taped by the original line-up in 69 & 70, when they were still at school. Quality of these early tracks is poor, but demand dictates their release.

Steve Giles - Guitar, Vocals
Carl Bush - Bass
C. Thornycroft - Drums (1 - 5)

Steve Giles - Guitar, Vocals
Bruce Duncan - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Charles Hiams - Drums
Martin Moloney - Organ, Vocals (6 - 11)

11 tracks @192 kbit/s, 91.4mb, UK acid prog, front and back cover included

highly recommended, you will love it!!! ;-)
download link

Hi Timo,
Great posts mate !! thanks for Changes btw, top stuff....... looking into Dark now.... all the best !!
i don t know this band but it s sure good! thanks for this! bye and have a nice day
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