Mittwoch, Juli 05, 2006

Changes - 1969-74 - Fire Of Life (Dark US Psych Folk)
This gem belongs to my top 10 dark folk albums and shouldn't be missed under any circumstances! Very soft and moving tunes, outstanding vocals which just perfectly match the guitar rhythm throughout. Wonderful ballads and lyrics, a true precious. This duo managed to record a very impressive album by using few instruments. They deserve our recognition!
So look at them closely while listening to this album (they're on the back cover which is also included).

Reviewed by myself, 224 kbit/s, 69mb, 11 tracks
download link

Enjoy, you surely will! (I'm still looking forward to every single comment)

Thanks for these two gems.
hello,i see you have again a lot of gems!great!do you find something about daughters of albion?thanks for all!pat
thanks for the great stuff... I have been checking out your blog regularly and greatly enjoying it... feel free to check out my new blog...

thanks again
Another great one. The only problem I could possibly find with your blog is that you post a lot of stuff I already own (like this one), which I guess means you've got taste. Thanks!
thank you
I just want to say thank you for your effort in bringing some different music to my attention. Its a pitty others dont show there gratitude. I hope you will continue with your good blog.
I really enjoyed this album! Thank you very much:) Keep up the good work on this great blog.

I don't have the problem that max has. I don't have hardly any of these albums. I have to agree that you and Max have good taste! I have tried a few of your albums and I am quite pleased. I have always liked this type of music but never surfed around enough to locate much of it. I have hit a gold mine here!! Thanks for all your effort! I currently am listening to Plastic Cloud while downloading 10 other albums from your collection. I agree with what oldhippie said. I see that most of the albums I am getting from you have around 100 or more downloads but I see only a few comments. I really appreciate these great and rare albums!

just me
This is truly great music, my tastes are Nick Drake, Fairport etc. and this will be my favourite music for a while thank you so much as I never knew this band existed
Thanks so much for this great music, i will be listening to it for some time very like some English folk in parts ..Fascinating!!
Wonderful music! TimosPsychedelicious, your taste is impeccable!
im listening it right now and it s nice. i always enjoy old psychadelic rarities! thanks for sharing it :)
Wow! This sounds great! Exactly the type of music I love to discover. Got anything else like it? Also.. for a request, do you happen to have any older Wizz Jones? Thank you for the excellent music.
Thanks for posting this great lp. I'm new to this folk music and I must say it's fantastic.
Good stuff, hadnt heard of Changes before this, cheers, good stuff! Keep it up!

I'm curious what your other top downer folk albums are, because this one's amazing!!
Hear, hear! *Killer* stuff, Timos!!
As they say, "You da man!"
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