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Música Dispersa - 1971 - Música Dispersa (Outstanding Spanish Folk Psych rarity)
320 kbit/s, 78.1mb, 10 tracks
Música Dispersa joined in Barcelona in 1970, when they recorded their only album, published by Diabolo (reedited in 1979 by Edigsa), in which they developed a really avant-garde music, with hypnotic rhythms, eastern influences, and sensual voices (Selene) producing onomatopeyic sounds that transport you to another dimension. They had a very short life, round to one year. Their main composer was "El Cachas" from Madrid and among the members was a young Jaume Sisa, that was then an institution in the catalan music. I can state that their record was one of the best in that time (if not the best) and of course the most original and experimental one. orlando iglesias

The album of Musica dispersa is really different to any other tjhing, and even if one listens it today it's difficult to realise whether one is listening to a masterpiece of art of to a silly thing with no other purpose. It's a mostly acoustic recording and utilices the voices like one instrument more, no lyrics are sung. I can not find any influence from other artists and no other artists have been influenced by them later. It's hard to get into this wold of crazyness, but when you're in, you will find moments of extraordinay beauty. Sisa was one of the members of this band, being later one of the most important singers of the Catalan scene.

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I have this one on CD those uninitiated, get it... it's very good and hideuosly rare.... C'mon braoden your horizon... Go Timo !!
it looks like a great album! i m gonna listen to it quick!bye pat. if you have jane 3,it will be nice!have agood day.pat
strange but beautiful music!a must!thanks.pat
hi pat,

don't have anything by them, sorry, i will look around and tell you when i find something.

Thanks for your encouraging comments :-)
Very great record. One of the best from Spain, to my opinion, vith la Mosca and Maquina.Congratulations!
The Watcher is right–Everbody get this one. You won't be sorry. Thanks, Timo, it's amazing!

Hello. Is anyone willing to repost this? I listen to and love Orgia and La Catedral and would like to hear more of Jaume Sisa's wonderful music. Thanks. Josh.
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