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Maitreya Kali - 1971 - Apache

Size: 47mb; Bitrate: 192kb/s; 12 tracks

Recorded by a freak who hung out with members of The Beach Boys and the Monkees (he actually wrote the song Salesman) Maitreya Kali (Craig Smith) recorded these tracks between '67-'71 in between travelling in Peru and the Far East. The result is an incredible set of songs that explore trippy '60s styled psych and bonged out hippy folk, all of which is laced with a weird, mystical vibe.

This was apparently released before "Inca" but the recordings have a later sound. Continuing his trek down Latin America, this is more lowkey and introvert, like if the drugs caught up with him. The strange poetry and scribblings on the sleeve confirm such suspicions. Has a couple of marvy acid folkpsych tracks but doesn't really live up to the hype I've seen on it. Has Mike Love singing on a Monkees track (actually he's just humming along from the mixing board) that Maitreya wrote when he was still known as Craig Smith. Both LPs have great Yahowa-style sleeves. [PL]
"Apache" and "Inca" are actually a self-released collection of Craig Smith's recordings with and without band from the mid to late 60s which neatly document his mental disintegration, likely due to drug use. Craig refers to himself as Maitreya Kali on these LPs although he does manage to thank himself as well, as Craig Smith, in the credits. "Apache" features softer acid folk tracks with pretty, gliding vocals (sometimes treated). Mike Love sings on "Salesman" and the LP is dedicated to Jimi Hendrix. The LP also has a couple heavy trippers of note, "Color Fantasy" and "Swim". The followup, "Inca", is heavier with a turned-on folkrock sound and underground Donovan teatime lyricism. Craig previously recorded singles with Penny Arkade, and Chris & Craig.

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hello ,like always great psch lp!ther are so many great and unknows groups i discover with you like this apache.i m a fan of psych music but there is so much groups!i thank you for your great job and if you post the aerovons it will be nice!i try to post comment at every lp!have a nice day.pat
I love it when suburban white kids go off the deep end and name themselves things like Maitreya Kali. Some re-workings of Penny Arkade songs are great, supplemented by other original material. It's more pop than I would have thought, but I suppose that was Craig Smith's influence. Get spiritual minded, people.

strange name

two "gods" in one name
Maitreya and Kali
two oposited

ill check this
a great one thanx
Never heard this one, very curious about to listen to it - thanks!
Never heard of this one, very curious about to listen to it - the way, thanks!
Gorgeous L.P, really been enjoying this. Best one i've got hold of in ages, will track it down to buy! Keep the acid folk coming!
This is testimony to how deep you're willing to dig. Also thank you for the info: I never knew of INCA... more searching...YEAH!!!!
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