Samstag, Juni 17, 2006

Hi everyone!

I decided to make a couple of changes cos i was not satisfied with the look of my blog. Much better now imo :-) I added a chat room where you can post your requests for example. That's why the guestbook has disappeared cos twas actually not worth the effort. Hope you gonna like the new look as much as i do.

See you soon!

hello!new look is nice!have a nice day!i m gonna try the chatroom.pat
yeah...this is better!
Easier to read the site now, the dark background wasn't very good...yay for white backgrounds! :D
please Goliath - same (US 1969)
and Brotherhood - same (US 1969)
only got Goliath - Hot Rock And Thunder...let me know if interested
Hello Timo! Your blog is amazing, thank you for all of your posts.

I'm not sure if you post much Neo-psych but I've been looking for stuff from a new Californian band called Silver Sunshine. I've heard that they're supposed to be great UK inspired pop-psych. I think they currently only have two releases: Silver Sunshine - S/T LP and Silver Sunshine - A Small Pocket of Pure Spirit EP. If you have either of these, I'd love to hear them!!

Thanks again Timo!!
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