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Azteca - 1972 - Azteca

TRACKS (total time 46:58) :

1. La Piedra Del Sol (1:13) [T.Harrell, L.White]
2. Mamita Linda (3:42) [J.Vincent, T.Donlinger]
solos: Coke Escovedo, timbales; Bob Ferreira, piccolo
3. Ain't Got No Special Woman (5:59) [R.Reyes, M.Pearson, T.Harrell]
solos: Rico Reyes, vocal; Victor Pantoja, conga and vocal; Mel Martin, piccolo;
Neal Schon, guitar
4. Empty Prophet (5:20) [J.Vincent, R.Canoff]
solos: Errol Knowles, vocal; Mel Martin, tenor saxophone; Jim Vincent, guitar
5. Can't Take The Funk Out Of Me (4:23) [P.Jackson]
solos: Paul Jackson, vocal; George DiQuattro, clavinet
6. Peace Everybody (4:32) [G.DiQuattro, P.Escovedo]
solos: Bob Ferreira, tenor saxophone; Neal Schon, guitar
7. Non Pacem (6:40) [F.Núnez]
solos: Tom Harrell, trumpet; Mel Martin, soprano saxophone
8. AH! AH! (3:24) [T.Puente, P.Escovedo]
9. Love Not Then (5:01) [F.Núnez]
solos: Wendy Haas, vocal; George Moribus, piano; Flip Núnez, organ
10. AZTECA (4:38) [A.Bent]
solos: George DiQuattro, piano; Lenny White, drums; Victor Pantoja, conga
11. Theme: La Piedra Del Sol (1:54)


Coke Escovedo : timbales
Victor Pantoja : conga drums, vocals
Flip Núnez : organ
George Moribus : electric piano
George DiQuattro : acoustic piano, clavinet
Paul Jackson : acoustic bass, fender bass
Lenny White III : drums, vocals
Jules Rowell : valve trombone
Tom Harrell : trumpet
Mel Martin : soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone,
baritone saxophone, flute, piccolo
Bob Ferreira : tenor saxophone, piccolo
Neal Schon : guitar (on 3,5,6)
Jim Vincent : guitar (all tune)
Pete Escovedo : vocals
Errol Knowles : vocals
Wendy Haas : vocals
Rico Reyes : vocals

Azteca - Ain't got no special woman, taken from their debut album, released in 1972. Azteca at times numbered as many as eighteen musicians, with four very good vocalists. Percussionist Coke Escovedo, uncle of Sheila E ( her father being Pete Escovedo ), formed this powerful Latin rock outfit in 1972. Escovedo, of course, was well known for his work with Santana, and he also went on to release a number of solo albums. Azteca featured a very young Lenny White on drums, later to feature with Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke and Al Di Meola in Return to Forever.They released two albums, one of which, this debut, was released on CD a few years ago by GNP Records. Coke Escovedo sadly died on 13 July 1986, and his son, Paris, has revived Azteca, and they're playing old as well as new material. It would be quite an experience to hear what they sound like today!

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Man, some killer stuff on this album!
Thanks a million, Timos - your taste is impeccable and your generosity
seems to know no bounds!
Hi there,

Electric Piano on "Azteca" was played by George Muribus. Just thought I'd correct the spelling. I grew up around these people during this time and George was like an uncle to me. Thanks for reviewing this! Wendy Haas is now married to Martin Mull, I believe (trivia, but I think she now goes by Wendy Mull).

Lee B.
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