Freitag, Juni 16, 2006


Ok, no new posts unless there are at least 2 comments per posted album...

i watch every day your blog and there is fine will be sad if you stop postyour great psych music!bye and i hope there is another great post.pat
i´ve been waiting for years to get the chance hearing this ultra-rarity. thanks a lot.
hello i post comments but it don tgo sorry pat
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hello,no good msic today? it s sad because you have great choice!i post comment because i love this music !have a nice day. pat
Hey Timo, you have a fan of your site in NYC :)

Please don't stop posting this great music, your site has helped me discover more great psychedelic music then any other. About posting comments, I can't comment until i've listened to the album entirely. Right now i'm listening to nektar (great band) which you posted a long time ago. I have alot to catching up to do ^^ . Thanks for all this great music!
Very good ! thank you from France.
Just wanted to thank you, Timos, for
sharing such an INCREDIBLE collection
of music! My God, so many groups I'd
never heard of (and I thought my knowledge was fairly extensive). You
are doing your fellow collectors and music lovers a great service - music like this should never slip away.
Many, many, thanks!
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