Mittwoch, Mai 10, 2006

The Zodiac - 1967 - Cosmic Sounds

track list:

1. Aries -- The Fire Fighter
2. Taurus -- The Voluptuary
3. Gemini -- The Cool Eye
4. Cancer -- The Moonchild
5. Leo -- The Lord of Lights
6. Virgo -- The Perceptual Perfectionist
7. Libra -- The Flowerchild
8. Scorpio -- The Passionate Hero
9. Sagittarius -- The Versatile Daredevil
10. Capricorn -- The Uncapricious Climber
11. Aquarius -- The Lover of Life
12. Pisces -- The Peace Piper


Cyrus Farayer: narration
Paul Beaver: Moog and other electronic instruments
Emil Richardson: exotic percussion
Bud Shank: bass flute
Hal Blaine: drums
Carol Kaye: bass guitar

The Zodiac, the greatest semi-band in the world? This little piece of work is their only album together, though many of them had and would work together again in other stuff. Anyhoohas, the music is excellent, and the narration is...we, the narration is utterly 60s. It says "Must Be Played In The Dark" on the cover, and that's approporiate, but for the words, an additional "Must be Played While Stoned" would be nice. Cyrus Faryar has a cool voice, but Jac Wilson's words are so dated and sound so silly now that it sounds totally absurd. My dad laughs every time he hears the words, expecially "six men and six trees" on Taurus.

The Moog is hot stuff on this one. PaulBeaver blows off some sweet riffs. Emil Richards shows off fine percussive tricks, Hal Blaine shows fine drumming, finer than any of his session work. Carol Kaye has some fine bass goin' too. Bud Shank can creep you out with his flute work, Nobody knows the guitar players' names, which is sad, 'cause they give this a hot California acid rock feel that makes me wonder when Grace Slick will jump in. Wilson's poetry sounds pretty Jim Morrison also!


Leo-Lord Of Lights, this is the happiest song on the album. Real coo, guitar funk there!

Taurus-The Voluptuary: Heavy Metal synth blasts the opening riff into youe ears and some creepy flute keeps you goin.

Sagittarius-The Versatile Daredevil: Circus music gone mad. Swirling sythns tricks and Cyrus's slightly crazy vocals make this worthwhile

Capricorn-The Uncapricious Climber: More creepy flute and some exotic synth make this is cool little piece of ghost rock.

Personally i do like this gem very much. This narrative psychedelicious masterpiece can't be missed in any collection. You have my word,top notch! Enjoy, let me know whether you liked it, i am thrilled already...:-) see ya

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A great album. I really love it. Fantastic relaxing late night listening.
Would be nice to hear the WEST COAST WORKSHOP'S Wizard of Oz lp - this one always gets compared to that.

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