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The Wizards From Kansas - 1970 - The Wizards From Kansas

track list:

1 - High Flying Bird
2 - High Mister
3 - 912 1/2 Mass
4 - Codine
5 - Freedom Speech
6 - Flyaway Days
7 - Misty Mountainside
8 - Country Dawn
9 - She Rides With Witches


Robert Joseph Menadier: bass, vocal
Marc Evan Caplan: drums, percussion
John Paul Coffin: lead guitar
Robert Manson Crain: guitar, vocals
Harold Earl Pierce: guitar, vocals

Actually hailing from Kansas, the Wizard’s were an obscure country-influenced outfit
whose debut album featured some fine versions of classics from the period, including
Buffy St Marie’s Codine, as well as some excellent originals such as Misty Mountainside,
Country Dawn and She Rides With Witches.
The original five-piece band enjoyed considerable local success, and eventually found
themselves playing the Fillmore East, a gig which led to offers of a number of record
deals which the group initially declined. However, towards the end of 1969 Mercury
Records finally convinced them to sign to the label, and their eponymous first (and only)
album was recorded in the summer of 1970 in San Francisco. During the recording of the
album, several band members decided they would rather play jazz, and duly departed
to pursue their interests , leaving Mercury with a newly recorded album and no band to
promote it. Mercury lost interest and the album sunk without trace.
There is a lot of fine stuff on this album, and the band exhibited a particularly
impressive range of tight vocal harmonies . A highly recommended album that is extremely collectable.

Mastered at Abbey Road by Steve Rooke
Pressed on 180g virgin vinyl at Portalspacerecords in Hayes, England, using EMI’s
1400 series presses
Original artwork
A Limited Edition of 1,000 numbered LPs

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a very peacefully piece of texas psych-pop!
thank you very much!
a great blog with musical variety: it's very interessting
Thanks for your beautiful outstanding blog. And what a choice! The Wizards - one of my all time favourite records. I can't tell ya how often I listened to it. Too bad that this fine piece of music is unknown to the most psych lovers. Hopefully this will change now.
Keep on doin' your great work!
Up until this point I'd had never heard of The Wizards and how much they were entrenched along side of the 13th Floor Elevators. This might be a treat. Thanks.
An enjoyable listen. If it sounds like I'll really grove on this. Yeah, I do like it. You'd think that instead of shevling the whole recording they could had given it to some sound producer on any soundtrack project and it may had seen at least that light instead of downright abandonment. What a sad situation. Very listenable. Early Eagles, Byrds, and Mason Proffit come to mind.

from the wilds of cAnAdA...
Excellenet, excellent, excellent! Thank you!
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