Freitag, Mai 26, 2006

Quella Vecchia Locanda - 1974 - Il Tempo Della Gioia (Ace Italian Symphonic Prog)

Track listing:

1. Villa Doria Pamphili (5:27)
2. A Forma Di (4:07)
3. Il Tempo Della Gioia (6:15)
4. Un Giorno, un Amico (9:39)
5. È Accaduto una Notte (8:16)


- Claudio Gilice / violin
- Giorgio Giorgi / vocals, flute, piccolo
- Massima Giorgi / bass, contrabass, vocals
- Massimo Roselli / vocals, keyboards
- Patrick Fraina / vocals, drums
- Raimondo Cocco / vocals, clarinet, guitar

QUELLA VECCHIA LOCANDA is a great Italian prog band of the historic scene, formed in Rome in the early seventies. QVL plays a complex music with a lot of instrumental combinations, beautiful melodies and a very high sophistication. Close to KING CRIMSON.

QVL released two albums which are both considered essential releases from that particular scene. The first album is still regarded as a classic in its field, with an original fusion of classical influences and the use of flute and electric violin in evidence. QVL was fairly typical of the style, especially on their second album, "Il Tempo Della Goia", which ranks as one of the finest examples of classical, pastoral Italian symphonic along the lines of PFM, CELESTE, ALUSA FALLAX or LOCANDA DELLE FATE. The group sadly disbanded soon after the second album, leaving us with two more italian progressive gems, both with beautiful covers. Two of the most looked records of Italy!!! Source: Progarchives

Even Psychheads will love this band, absolutely totally highly recommended :-)!!!
No matter what album you listen to, they are both utterly amazing! Progarchives says 4.29 out of 35 ratings. Front and Back Cover together will be on the other album i am gonna post next!!!

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