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Plastic Cloud - 1968 - Plastic Cloud

Track Listing:

1. Epistle to Paradise
2. Shadows of Your Mind
3. Art's a Happy Man
4. You Don't Care
5. Bridge Under The Sky
6. Face Behind the Sun
7. Dainty General Rides
8. Civilization Machine


Don Brewer (guitar, vocals)
Brian Madill (bass)
Michael Cadieux (guitar)
Randy Umphrey (drums)

This 4-piece act from Pickering, Ontario were a mysterious blend of psychedelia and Tolkien mythology. In the 30 years since the release of their only album -- 1968's self-titled effort, very little is known about this act except that they could be compared, stylistically, to Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Chocolate Watchband or any other psychedelic/progressive act from the late sixties.

Like Reign Ghost, Plastic Cloud were trying to expand the boundaries set by flaccid Canadian AM radio at the time and were very inaccessible to radio which would explain their one and only release.

Research has failed to turn up any mention of this act and even Laser's Edge, who re-issued their single disc in 1991, 1998, and Pacemaker who re-issued it in 2004 has no additional information on them.

Plastic Cloud "Plastic Cloud" CD reissue of infamous Canadian 60s psychedelic hard rock with stinging over the top and out of control insane fuzz guitar.

The label says: "In 1968, the Plastic Cloud recorded, quite simply, one of the greatest psychedelic albums ever made. This is one hip album, full of catchy melodies and hippie harmonies, as well as some of the most superb (and trippiest) fuzz guitar ever recorded. There is no point singling out a specific track, they are all excellent—one is equally as good as the next. We feel that it’s about time this fine record got it’s compact disc due, so we have gone all out for this reissue—it is remastered from the tapes; the accompanying twenty-page booklet has all the lyrics, thanks to Don Brewer, the man who wrote them, as well as rare photos and a replica of an original press release that must be seen to be believed. Essential psychedelia! LP version in heavy cardboard gatefold jacket will be available in June."

download link

Pickering, Ontario, is at the eastern edge of Toronto. I was a high school senior in Toronto when this came out, but I never heard of them, so I was curious & downloaded it. I listened to it, then deleted it.

Let me say, Toronto and its eastern suburbs produced some really good music at that time. But this isn't anywhere near "good". There is a reason why this group is obscure.

Between Toronto and Pickering is Oshawa, where The Sparrow came from. They changed their name to Steppenwolf, and the rest is history.

It's funny how today's bloggers "discover" all this supposedly good music "overlooked" from the 60's. Take it from someone who was there at the time - it sucked. Go listen to some John Kay (born Joachim Fritz Krauledat) and Steppenwolf instead.

Alles klar?

BTW - Allied Records, which released the Plastic Cloud record, was the Canadian distributer of Pye Records, so they made most of their money off the Kinks and other UK groups at the time.
This comment is very much to my surprise because i actually consider Plastic Cloud being one of my favorite Canadian bands. To me this is an outstanding harmonic psychedelic album...anyway, thanks for your comment :-)
yeah dude, if your idea of good music is steppenwolf then you really have no business downloading anything here. amazing album by the way
I dig this Plastic Cloud album too! Thanks Timo!
Er, as someone born and raised in Oshawa, I can tell you it's not located between Pickering and Toronto. If you drive east on the 401 out of Toronto, you will pass through - in order - Scarborough, Pickering Ajax, Whitby, and then, finally - that paradise on earth, that bastion of taste and sensibility, that panacea for all of nature's ills -- Oshawa.

I don't know how anybody into 60s rock can be putting down Steppenwolf either, but each to his own. Plastic Cloud is a very different style but I like it all. And then of course there's Christmas to remember too, also from the Motor City I believe...

Nice blog BTW!
You have so many rare albums I don't even know where to start! I really like Steppenwolf but I also thoroughly enjoy obscure 60's psychedelic albums. Steppenwolf material is easy to find but this is a true gem.

Great site, nice layout.......

and KILLER albums!!!!!!!
Great album I like the fuzz sounds very much and the harmonies too. Nice to see it posted here, though I already have it for a long time.(And a lot more interesting than posting Steppenwolf...)
Any chances for more Canadian psych? The first Collectors perhaps?

And a question:.
Obviously you seem to be a person that has an incredible unbelievable knowledge about 60/70s Rock and I appreciate that very much. I wonder if you can help me. Many years ago a friend gave me a tape with some very good music that I really love. Sadly the sound quality is more than worse and he had no idea what band it was. Maybe you can help me. The music is some kind of well progressive jazz rock circa around 1970/71. There were only 4 tracks on the tape, no titels, but I made up titels for myself (corresponding to the lyrics), timing approximate: 1 Get yourself Together (?) 10.25; 2 I'm Crying (?) 7.10; 3. Why (?) 13.30; Please, if You Know who I am (?) 7.30.
Any idea?
The music is mostly slow with some uptempo numbers/pasages with a lot of flute, saxophone and organ and the male singer has kind of a soul voice (black singer?).
Thanx a lot.

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