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Picchio Dal Pozzo - 1980 - Abbiamo Tutti I Suoi Problemi

Track listing:

1. La Sgargianza parte 1 (0:49)
2. I Problemi Di Ferdinando P. (7:22)
3. La Sgargianza parte 2 (0:51)
4. Moderno Ballabile (9:50)
5. La Sgargianza parte 3 e 4 (1:33)
6. Strativari (5:49)
7. Mettiamo Il Caso (15:46)
8. Uccellin Del Bosco (3:15)

Total Time: 45:05


- Andrea Beccari / bass, recorder, percussion, voice
- Aldo De Scalzi / keyboards, saxophone, guitar, voice
- Paolo Griguolo / guitar, recorder
- Aldo Di Marco / drums, vibraphone, organ
- Roberto Bologna / sound technic
- Roberto Romani / saxophone, flute, clarinet


Picchio dal Pozzo was one of the very few progressive bands inspired by the English ”Canterbury” school to have emerged from Italy’s fertile progressive musical scene. Active throughout the 1970s, the legendary band only released two albums at the time, both highly regarded and in demand. The release now of Camere Zimmer Rooms, a previously unknown [unheard] studio recording of unreleased compositions, greatly extends Picchio dal Pozzo’s musical legacy.

Setting out to create and enjoy themselves, utilizing various forms of sophisticated music and turning them on their ear, Picchio da Pozzo formed in Genoa in 1972. Its name, Picchio dal Pozzo, which roughly translates as "The Woodpecker Of The Well", derived from a ‘nonsense poem’ written by the band's first sax player, Giorgio Karaghiosoff. The poem appeared on a track on the band's first, self-titled album, released by the Italian Grog label in 1975. At the time, the band was a studio-only entity, a quartet consisting of Aldo De Scalzi (keyboards and voice), Giorgio Karaghiosoff (sax and flute), Andrea Beccari (bass), and Paolo Griguolo (guitar).

Wanting to become a live ensemble, the band recruited additional musicians to join or augment the group, including Claudio Lugo (sax), Aldo Di Marco (drums), Roberto Romani (sax and Francesco Tregrossi (guitar). It also collaborated with Demetrio Stratos, well-known vocalist for the popular Italian progressive band, Area. Concerned with social and political issues in Italy, Picchio dal Pozzo became actively involved in various social causes. The band split its activity between giving live concerts and helping with music education in Italian schools. Between 1975 and 1979, it regularly gave live performances for patients in Genoa’s main psychiatric hospital. In 1980, Picchio dal Pozzo recorded its second LP, Abbiamo Tutti i Suoi Problemi, released by L’Orkestra. Shortly after this record was released, the band dissolved.

4.50 stars out of 7 ratings (progarchives). Highly recommended!!! Not only for Prog lovers but also for psychheads! Enjoy, you will, for sure! :-) Timo

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pw: timospsychedelicious

Incredible! That was fast. Thank you Timo for fulfilling my request. As some critics have pointed out, this group probably has more in common with British bands such as Hatfield & The North and Henry Cow than with other Italian progressive acts. I love their first album and can't wait to hear this.
:-)You're welcome, always a pleasure to help someone. I like both of their albums. This one is a bit better tho imo. Superb Italian prog band. Hope you enjoy!
i didnt like it that much

its not really my thing
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