Sonntag, Mai 07, 2006

Magical Power Mako - 1975 - Super Record

track list:

1. Andromeda 5:53
2. Tundra 3:13
3. Silk Road 4:18
4. Woman In South Island 2:36
5. Pink Bitch(Lalala) 6:46
6. Rock Baby In Meadow 3:27
7. Majorica Resistance 6:48
8. Cosmos Sandglass 3:39
9. Sound, Mother Earth 6:44

Of all Japanese recordings this 1975 release is considered by those that know it, to be one of the finest, combining as it does strong elements of Japanese folk music alongside innovative psychedelic sounds and broad musical vistas of extraordinary imagination. Imagine an eastern-tinged, psychedelic instrumental version of Fresh Maggots. Mako’s music has often baffled pundits keen to place him in a particular musical slot. As one perplexed scribe opined, "Mako’s music possesses a certain strange kind of texture". It is certainly what they call rock, but contains elements we can’t describe so succinctly. It clearly goes beyond the various genres of music and while full of them all, it sends forth a fierce glow. This is a crucial document of underground Japanese psychedelia.

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