Sonntag, Mai 07, 2006

Krokodil - 1970-72 - The Psychedelic Tapes

track list:

1. The Creator Has A Master Plan 9:24
2. Stehaufmädchen 1 1:07
3. Marzipan 8:04
4. Stehaufmädchen 2 1:05
5. You're Still A Part Of Me 5:46
6. Stehaufmädchen 3 1:07
7. Odyssey In Om 30:33!
8. Raga 3:15

First release of this collection of demos and live materieal from this legendary band from Switzerland, best known for their opus An Invisible World Revealed. "1970-1972 were the psychedelic years of the Krokodil from Switzerland. During this period the band recorded a lot of magical songs both live and in the studio which are now after more than thirty years released for the first time. The CD is housed in a nice digipak."
Other albums are:

1. Krokodil (1969)
2. An Invisible World Revealed (1971)

I am gonna post those as well as soon as possible.
download link
download link part2

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