Freitag, Mai 19, 2006

Hamana - 1974 - Hamana


01. The meek shall inherit the earth
02. Why can't I understand
03. Be free with me
04. I remember your smile
05. On the road
06. One night
07. Future goodbyes
08. Show me
09. Message to Crystal
10. Shine on
11. Peace is within you

Hamana's debut album recorded in 1974, was issued on the local Phoenix label, Canyon Records. To most of the '60s psychedelic rock/folk fans this is almost an unknown album, original pressings seem to have disappeared, only a few copies are known in collector's hands. Bruce Hamana, a native American, is a member of the Indian Hopi Tribe and went in 1969 to college near San Francisco to live 'in the white man's world.' Instead of traditional native American themes he felt like writing 'modern, revolutionary, contemporary music' -- the result you hear on this album is powerful and melodic, and expresses perfectly the sunny California peace, love & freedom feeling, but also contains a social-critical message.'One of these days everything is gonna change, things you take for granted will be taken away from you.' The music itself is emotive with strong vocals, lots of Westcoast psychedelic guitar flashes, a bit garage feeling but also loner folk style with native American elements. The appeal of this album reminds of Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Byrds, X.I.T, Neil Young, Buffalo Springfield, Garrett Lund. Near unbelievable that on these recordings all instruments, bass, guitars, vocals and drums have been played by Hamana himself, to get overdubbed and to become finally a tasty and atmospheric stereo acoustic/electric mix."

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This one's very good. Sounds like the Byrds at moments, & I like the "peaceful spirit" of the music, even if the words may sound naive today. But "what's so funny about peace, love & understanding", hmm ?
Here's a very good review on a fantastic site, a must for all psych-fans :
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