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Group 1850 - 1968 - Agemos Trip To Mother Earth

track list:

01. Steel Stings 3:03
02. Little Fly 4:27
03. I Put My Hand On Your Shoulder 13:25
04. You Did It Too Hard 2:10
05. A Point In This Life 5:02
06. Refound 3:11
07. Reborn 3:22

bonus tracks:

08. Misty Night 3:31
09. Look Around 2:35
10. I Want More 2:04
11. I Know (La Pensée) 3:12
12. Mother No-Head 3:28
13. Ever Ever Green 3:18
14. Zero 3:30
15. Frozen Mind 3:40
16. We Love Live (Like We Love You) 4:30
17. Fire 2:31
18. Have You Ever Heard 3:34
19. 1000 Years Before [ previously unreleased ] 2:38
20. Dream Of The Future [ previously unreleased ] 2:33


PETER SJARDIN : keyboards-flute -vocals

In late 1968, a few month after the issue of "Agemos Trip To Mother Earth" Group 1850 disbanded in the first place. Shortly after that Peter Sjardin and Daniel Van Bergen reactivated the group though and recruited three new musicians. Drummer Beer Klaasse, being of the first line-up, was destined to become an active progger a couple of years later. In October 1969 the new Group 1850 recorded their second album which was issued in the same year, too.
Even if there were changes of the line-up "Paradise Now" is kinda in the same style as "Agemo's Trip To Mother Earth". The strains and sounds on "Paradise Now" are in a more wavering and more spacey style, but principally this album is in the same progressive-psychedelic style as their debut album. To me "Agemos Trip To Mother Earth" is the better album. That's why i posted this one for you. Relax and enjoy!

download link

you surely got some tasty morsals here man friend, this and creme soda are real nice biscuits
Hi Timo!

Great choices indeed! ;)

Do you happen to have some SHINY GNOMES? Especially early staff - will be really welcomed ;)

Will link you to Ezhevika/

Take care,
Great dutch record
do you have anything by Mothers Love?(wich is also a dutch band)
hello timo!!
i just discover your blog today, what a great choice of gems!
thank you
Agemo's trip to mother earth is an experience. I've been searchiong for it since two years. Today i've opened your blog and i found it. Gode bless you.
Hi Lisa! I don't know if that's what you are looking for but indeed, i do have some shiny gnomes. 1996: Weltraumservice and 1994: Mc Creatrix albums. I am gonna look for more stuff by them if you shouldn't need those albums. Cheers, Timo
Hi Dirk! I don't have anything by Mothers Love, sorry. I am gonna look for it tho and will let you know as soon as i find something. Cheers, Timo
Hi Timo,

I'd really appreciate these two by the Shiny Gnomes!

Tell me if I can help you with anything you are looking for.

Thank you,
i spotted a Mothers Love lp in a music store(wich also had the LP for Cargo-Cargo for jsut 17,50 euro's to bad i downt own a lp player)

by the way i have Groep 1850 second lp
(they changed the group to group in the 70's)

tomorow i will post a record by Dragonfly wich is a also a 60's psych band from the netherlands
wich played shows with pink floyd
Thanks a lot for this one & Creme Soda (& Damin Eih ALK too). All very rare & very good, a must for psychedelioc fans.
Just a small critic : why compress to 128kb ? Its not more complicated to compress at, say 192 or 256, & the sound is much much better.
Thanks anyway, your blog is already one of the best to my ears, & I give it a daily visit.
just a fine record i didn't have digital i got all the group 1850 records but none digital keep on the good work

psych modo jean marie
you should have seen the original cover on the album, it was in three D, and came with those pesky green and red glasses.

But together with the music and some wrong drugs, they only managed to give me a splitting headache!

still ,great album, great stuff, and great blog
BLOG ON Timo !
POOR sound, POOR scans, POOR comments... All in All his blog is a BIG SHIT!!!
Excelent album

i jsut bought it today

but mine has different bonus tracks:

I Know
I Want More
Mother No-head
Ever Ever Green
Frozen Mind
We Love Life
Mother No-Head[French Version]
Mother No-head[Instrumental]
Do you have any other Group 1850 albums. They totally blew me away.
This file is no longer available.
Could you reupdate it?
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