Montag, Mai 29, 2006

Fede - 2005 - Goteras EP

track listing:

1. Santa Cruz (premaster Eq) 2:24
2. Jah, Mundo, Demonio Y Carne (premaster Eq) 3:21
3. Mare De Deus 4:06
4. Absenta 1:43
5. Las Goteras De Tu Mente (Bangkok) 2:24
6. Nadando Hasta El Faro 1:53
7. Autopista De Opalo 2:38
8. Marea Baja 2:28
9. Flotando 2:49

This is a private Ep from my friend Federico from Argentina. Very much eastern influence on it as well as a superb spanish guitar, amazing percussion and psychedelicious effects in the background. Standout tracks are Mare De Deus and Flotando. Highly recommended! Thank you very much for this awesome album, Federico!:-)

download link
pw: timospsychedelicious

i played one track from this my radio show :) good flemenco with sexy ambiance..thanks for this.. :)
this is the real demonstration that the talent is not a superficial thing for create music that this level...thanks Fede for give us your beautiful music

p.d:i was one of the first persons to know this album and i have ever thinks that's amazing.
Mis cumplimientos a Federico, mùsica muy pasional! It's a good EP :-)
mi musica es el mayor agradecimiento que puedo darles, solo es una demostracion de amor.
Muchas Gracias. Federico Calleja
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