Mittwoch, Mai 10, 2006

East Of Eden - 1970 - Snafu

track list:

1. Have To Whack It Up 2:20
2. Leaping Beauties For Rudy_Marcus Junior 7:02
3. Xhorkom_Ramadhan_In The Snow For A Blow 8:07
4. Uno Transito Clapori 2:28
5. Gum Arabic_Confucius 8:18
6. Nymphenburger 6:15
7. Hahibi Bay_Beast Of Sweden_Boehm Constrictor 6:22
8. Traditional_Arranged By East Of Eden 1:36

Line-up:Dave Arbus: violin, wind instruments
Geoff Britton: drums, percussion
Ron Caines: saxophones, vocals
Geoff Nicholson: guitars, vocals
Andy Sneddon: bass

When East of Eden's 2nd Album 'Snafu' was released in early 1970 Rock music was coming to the end of it's most creative decade. For some people this album has been regarded as an indicator of what was to come - Jazz/ rock Fusion, elements of Ska & Reggae, Classical and Folk, plus free improvisation within a Rock format. The three original founder members - Ron Caines (Saxophone), Dave Arbus (Violin), and Geoff Nicholson (Guitar) started recording again in 1997, returning to the influences that first inspired them, and have released 2 albums since that date, KALIPSE (Transatlantic TRACD303) and ARMADILLO (Talking Elephant TECD015). Their new album GRAFFITO (due for release later this year) continues their development of ideas pursued more than 30 years ago when they were at the forefront of new directions in music.

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Hello, great site, great albums :O)

However have you got the other half of East of Eden - the half that contains the great track Jig-a-jig :O(
Hi, no, sorry, i don't. Will look for it mate :-)
Thank you so much, great post.
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