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The Droogs - 1983 - Heads Examined EP

track list:

1. 98 Steps 3:25
2. You Must Be A Witch 3:35
3. Train She's On 2:53
4. Born To Be Wild 3:36


Ric Albin Vocals
Roger Clay Guitars
David Provost Bass (1/2/3)
Steve Liberty Bass (4)
Phil Cohen Drums
Tom Morgan Keyboards (3/4)

From the Press Kit:
The Droogs, The Kid and the Gorilla Beat (Between Sets)

"Heard anything good lately?" the kid asked me between sets.
"I dunno. A couple of the Droogs dropped by the other night with their new record. Four songs. That sounded pretty good."
"Yeah? What's it called?"
"Heads Examined." I could tell he didn't believe me.
"I know these guys have been around since the days of whine and poses, but this is their best stuff yet."
"Better than 'Set My Love On You' and 'Ahead Of My Time' on those two Rhino anthologies?"
"Oh yeah." I lit a cigarette.
"They cut a version of 'You Must Be A Witch'. You know, the old Lollipop Shoppe number. Cut it to the bone. The new rhythym section helps."
"Isn't what's-his-name, that bass player from the Textones, playin' with those guys now?"
"David Provost. Yeah, he's on the EP. And the drummer is Phil Cohen, who usta be with the Heaters. Roger Clay is the guitar player. And that's Tom Morgan, from the Textones on 'Born To Be Wild'."
"Still the same singer?"
"Right. Ric Albin. Just a second, lemme get another drink. I just got paid. You want anything?"
"Just get me a coke."
"Man, that stuff'll rot your teeth." I motioned for the nearest bartender, ordered a taqueray 'n' tonic and the kid's coke.
"So are the other two songs originals?"
"More or less. Like '98 Steps' reminds me of the later Yardbirds - you know, the stuff with Jimmy Page - but steamier, and 'Train She's On' has got this real sad, uplifting chorus kinda like, I dunno, the Palace Guard or something like that."
"The 'paisley underground'."
"Oh yeah, right. read all about it, weekly. Another movement from the bowels of the sunsoaked urban jungle that is Los Angeles ... Gimme a break." Our drinks came. I laid six bucks on the bar and turned back to the kid.
"In other words, you've got 29 people who the closest they ever got to windowpane was when they cut themselves on a piece of glass, runnin' around actin' like they found God on a Strawberry Alarm Clock album." The kid grinned and reached for his coke.
"So what's the difference between them and the Droogs?"
"I dunno. Maybe it's the way the Droogs look back with love, but keep an eye on the future. I mean Ric and Roger have been through that cult hero bit - their old singles go for 150 bucks in Europe, bands like the Psychotic Pineapple have covered their tunes - and they know you've got to get your 'Heads Examined'."
"I saw this German fanzine called 'Gorilla Beat' that said the Droogs' last single, 'Only Game In Town' was 'The power pop-punk record of the decade'."
"That's funny. I though it sounded like U2." I turned to rescue my drink from a watery grave. the lights went down.
Onstage the music started......
Don Waller

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