Montag, Mai 08, 2006

Black Mountain - 2005 - Druganaut EP

track list:

1. Druganaut (EXtended) 8:16
2. Buffalo Swan 9:13
3. Bicycle Man 3:28
4. No Satisfaction (Campfire Version) 3:47

Blowing out of Canada's Black Mountain Army art-collective like a scarlet slippered hurricane, 'Druganaut' is the first missive to be issued from this underground supergroup's forthcoming LP. Featuring members of Jerk With A Bomb, Sinoa Caves, Blood Meridian and The Pink Mountaintops, 'Druganaut' (oh, the verbal wit!) has a serious fire in its belly and wants to tell you all about it. 'Druganaut' is a bit like Mogwai but with a serious injection of 60's soul; Post-Brit Funk perhaps? Apart from the middle bit that goes all glam. Oh, and the Pink Floyd atmospherics. And Neil Young riffs... Whatever it is, it certainly skitters along at a sprightly rate and sounds nothing like you'd imagine a Coldplay support act to, with the B-side 'Buffalo Swan' a similarly expansive and backward glancing ride. Of the two EP bonus cuts, 'Bicycle Man' (from their split 7" with Destroyer) is Ye Olde rock & roll (handclaps and all!), whilst 'No Satisfaction (Campfire Version)' is probably much as you imagine.
I love this druganaut extended version!

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