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Tim Hollier - 2004 - reissue (comp, includes tracks of his first 3 albums!)

hi friends,

i made quite an effort to find this. It's a reissue of 2004 tho and includes tracks on Message to a Harlequin (see some posts below for the complete album), Tim Hollier (1970) as well as Skysail (1971). It's a very good compilation tho, don't miss it! There's only one track viz "In This Room" missing which was originally included on Tim Hollier's selftitled album as well as on the single (In this room 1970). For an overview about his albums (all vinyls!) and other issues click here

Here's the track list of this reissue:1. Message To A Harlequin
2. Street Of Gold
3. Jimmy
4. Do You Remember When
5. And Where Were You That Morning Mr Carroll
6. Full Fathoms Five
7. In Silence

8. Seagull's Song
9. Llanstephan Hill
10.And It's Happening To Her
11.Man Of Gentle Sunlight
13.Maybe You Will Stay
14.Would I Sing
15.Winter Song (It's Raining And It's Cold)
16.Love Song
17.Evening Song

18.Tenderly Stooping Low
19.Time Has A Way Of Losing You
21.Beauty Of The Gardens
22.And I Wait For That
23.While London's Days Increase

ripped @320 by Timospsychedelicious, 161 mb, 23 tracks (includes tracks of his first 3 albums!)Enjoy, you surely will! :-))

download link part 1
download link part 2

!!!note: should both download links be identical please let me know immediately!!!

ah, you rock. I've been anxiously waiting for more Hollier after discovering him from your first post. Thanks so much!

thanks for this but i had to deleate it because a lot the tracks had errors

bad rip
hmm, that's strange. My ripped tracks do all sound perfectly ok..more people dissatisfied? I could just rip the files again and up em for ya..
i notice sot of skips in it, not sure why this would happen, good try anyway
Hi ... yeah, I also encountered errors.
Thanks so much for this great share!! I had to download the first part twice as the first time track 9 was corrupt but this must have been due to a bad download as all is now well. Great to hear the second album again and am looking forward to hearing the third for the first time.
You don't happen to have his collaborator Amory Kanes stuff by any chance do you?
The explorer asks whether one wishes to overwrite the first file, apparently they are recognised as the same. I've renamed my 2nd part, will see if it works. Anyway, thanx for the great music, cheeers!
why would you name them the same?
Thanks, Rocker. I'll let you know if my version opens OK.
Hi Latimo,

Great blog, I really like the music you're posting, especially the Tim Hollier and Keith Christmas stuff. You've got great taste......
Works fine for me. Out of the three, so far I think I like Sky Sail the best!
Hi Timo!

First, thanks for your good work on this blog and to your groovy uploads.

It seems there is definitely a problem with this rip. First i thought that the little glitches were from the original material but now after going through the rest of the compilation, i doubt it. Too many songs have the same problem: like mini-holes in them.
Just for exemple, you can hear this problem here:
-track 11 (Man of Gentle Sunlight) @ 2'22
-track 15 (Winter Song) just at the beginning: 0'02

I really enjoy this compilation though, so just in case you feel like re-uping it... i'm all for it! :)

Anyway, thanks again for your good work.

Hi Timo
There are several songs in been evil. You can correct them?, because they are excellent.

A greeting
wow...great site, grat stuff!!
keep rockin!!
hi timo great music like allways i hope see you soon bye and have a nice day!
Hey Latimo,
Where are you mate !!!
Hey Timo,
where are you ????
hi timo !hope you are fine!can i have news from you! bye
You are sorely missed

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great blog by the way....
Hey I want to recommend you my blog on Violeta Parra, maybe you could link it from yours, i'll do the same....

great blog by the way....
eh timo,

schön dass du weiter machst! ehrlich gesagt ich habs gewusst und hat keinerlei zweifel.

also wir sehen uns im zug nach augsburg.

jesco noko yokoono
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